Hannah Ackman: Horseback Riding

She’s not horsing around: Over the past year, Hannah Ackman began her riding journey with horses. She went from loving them from afar to jumping + working with them regularly—all while running her own equestrian IG account. Read more about Hannah’s passion in her full Passion Preview below ↓


Why horseback riding?

I have always thought that horses were such beautiful and powerful animals and that jumping them would have such an adrenaline rush! I have a cousin who used to compete in western hand classes so I had always seen pictures and heard stories of the team they made together.

To someone not interested in horseback riding:

Horses aren’t for everybody: they’re big, scary, unpredictable, and strong. However, once you get to know a horse’s body language, you realize that they are a lot like little puppies! Plus there is nothing else like the feeling of flying over a jump. So just take it slow and give it a try!

Passion Emoji: 🐎

You can follow Hannah on her personal Instagram here + her equestrian account here.